How to own your own Beach Front Property

Hanging out my favorite hammock is the official sign that summer has arrived at my house. Next is setting up the outdoor furniture and a festive centerpiece can complete the look.

Things you will need:

Platter                                           White sand

3 different size glass cylinders (Michaels carry’s them)

3 floating votive candles (Party Lite or Dollar store)

Sea Shells, coral and rocks (dollar store)        Picture of water

GLB Party Blue die (used for swimming pools or ponds)

 Building your Beach front Property

Start out with a platter that is a little deep. You will be filling it in with white sand and I had this copper platter in my china cabinet so I thought I would give it a new Purpose.

Place your glass cylinders in the middle close to each other so you have plenty of surface to adorn the outer edge of your platter.

Then take your blue die…doesn’t take much and squeeze 2 – 3 drops in each glass cylinder. Fill them up with water to about a 1-1/2” from the rim. This will give you room for your floating candles so go ahead and finish this part of the project and place the candles into the water.

Tip: In the picture I displayed 2 different types of floating candles and I happened to have glass floaters (on the right) that you can set a candle into as an additional option but they are not necessary.

Start pouring the sand around the edge of your platter and place all your shells, rocks and coral around. My mom gave me a cute little bottle years ago that says “Own your own Florida Beach Front” perfect addition to the whole project. Thanks Mom! Perhaps you will find cute little additions as well.

Voila. This project is fast and easy and I can’t tell you how many people comment on how cute it is and are going to make one for them. It is pretty and festive in the daytime and gives a beautiful ambiance in the evening with the candles lit and floating. So yes, you don’t have to win the lotto to own your own beach front and yes “It’s a Beautiful Life”!

God bless you all and enjoy the wonderful summer God has in store for you!

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One response to “How to own your own Beach Front Property

  1. I LOVE this idea! Add the sound of the ocean waves in the background and maybe the smell of coconut (not that we have coconuts at our beaches, but we do have suntan lotion that smells like coconuts…lol), and it will be such a beautiful thing to have in a special space. Love this so much!


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