Believe in Possibility

“Creation began with the possibility of an impossibility” –hope lyda

Each morning I open my eyes and am faced with a new day of infinite possibility; a blank canvas of sorts. The myriad of choices that I must make begins right there; right at that moment of the knowledge of what lies before me. Often I can’t see beyond the 1st choice: making a hot, steamy cup of Joe to jolt my brain and body into action. But after that 1st sip, the possibilities begin their pageant on the runway of my thoughts:

  • What is on my list for today?
  • Where will my steps lead me?
  •  How will I spend the time that has been given to me?

…and I believe in the possibility of greatness: that this day can be better than all the others, that this day will be the day that I succeed in creating something beautiful and worthy.

There is a quote from Edward Bulwer Lytton that I just love. It says:

“On the imagination, God sometimes paints, by dream and symbol, the likeness of things to come.”

God impresses possibility upon our very souls, of what could be each day that we live and breathe upon this earth. Are we taking advantage of that? Are we listening closely; seeing the clues that He has left for us to find?

So the big question this morning is: What are you going to do with this new day?

Roman’s 10:8 says:

“The word is near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart.”

Jesus is the word.

This verse promises that He is near us, that He resides in our hearts and His proclamation is on our very lips, ready to declare Him as Lord.

How to do this is a question that only you can answer for yourself. No one can tell you how to proclaim your heart, but God has placed each of us in very specific places, with very unique gifts.

  • Are you someone who likes to lead or instruct others? – then teach all who are around you, the joy that you have found.
  • Do you like follow orders leading? – then serve in the place you are with all your heart and soul.
  • Have you been given the gift of creativity and artistic expression? – then create something beautiful and share it with the world!

Each and every gift that God gives, combined with the situation that He has placed you in, has the potential to proclaim His greatness.

Teach – Encourage – Serve – Create!

This is what you were made to do: proclaim His greatness. Each day is a canvas of Possibility; Embrace it! It is the Song of your heart.

I have the overwhelming need to create. On my personal blog I have started a project of remembrances to pass down one day, to each of my children. Today we are tackling journal backgrounds. Stop on by and see what we are creating!


How will you paint the canvas of your day? How will you proclaim that Jesus is Lord to those around you? I encourage you to leave a comment and embolden others. Can’t wait to see how He will order your steps today!

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