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My husband and I have never been big on the commercialism of holidays like Valentine’s Day, opting for homemade cards and simple gifts. Home baked goodies, service to each other like covering the other’s chores, or dinner by the fireplace are more “our style”.

Since creativity runs through my veins, I like to make things for him that remind him how much I love him… One such gift still hangs above our bed…
Love Frame with our initials- Items Needed: all can be purchased at most craft stores.
* Old or new picture frame ( glass removed). I chose an old 8″x 10″ frame that I painted brown and lightly distressed the edges with some light sanding.
* Craft or Scrapbook paper- cut to fit your open frame space. I used several papers that I overlapped and glued to the frame backing.
* Wood or resin letters and the & sign larger than the size of your frame. I chose wood ones that I painted and distressed like the frame. You could paint them in contrasting color to frame or choose a different color for each letter (possibly, each of your favorite colors…)
* Scrapbook glue, like glue sticks or Elmer’s for the paper.
* Wood glue for the letters.
Instructions: 1. Paint the frame and letters, let dry.
2. Cut and glue the paper to the frame backing, add anything decorative to the background that you like. Ideas- craft wedding rings; metallic markers or pens to highlight part of the design; photos; three dimensional paper craft embellishments; buttons etc…
3. Once everything is dry, put the backing in the frame and secure it with the fasteners provided with the frame. The glass can be used, but I like the look without the glare of the glass. Then glue the initials and & sign where they touch the frame.
To present it to your love consider tying a burlap ribbon around it unwrapped with a few paper hearts taped to the burlap.

Fun, simple, inexpensive, lasting gift… Happy Valentine’s Day!

“However, let each man of you(without exception) love his wife as (being in a sense) his very own self, and let the wife see that she respects and reverences her husband (that she notices him; regards him; honors him; prefers him; venerates and esteems him; and that she defers to him; praise him and loves and admires him exceedingly). ”
Ephesians 5:33 Amplified Bible

Abundant Blessings,
Heidi Wilt

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