when love fails

The atmosphere in the room was electric that morning. Young girl’s heads bowed excitedly towards each other conspiratorially. Sideways glances towards corners where the boys had gathered, in their own fashion, with hands in pockets and nervous tension on their faces.

Valentine’s Day.

Each body tensed in anticipation. Each heart open to receive the promise of “love”…or like, as the case may be.

The teacher arrives from her brief afternoon escape, and scans the anxious faces that now gaze upon hers with a mix of nervousness and apprehension. “Turn to page 64 in your literature books”, she teases.

“Awww!” The classroom explodes in contradictory exclamation, and she chuckles and accedes.

“Okay, okay. Go to your mailboxes and collect your envelopes.”

The classroom is a flurry of activity and chatter as each student gathers the contents of their boxes and returns to their seats to, one by one, rip open the festive wraps and receive the approbations from secret, and sometimes not-so-secret, admirers. More glances, a few squeals, and the occasional leap and giggle. Glancing around, my face hot, I noticed but a few downcast faces; from the less popular students. One or two envelopes sat on the desks in front of them, and I look down upon my own – two.

The first was from the one friend I had managed to make that year, and the other? My teacher. I looked toward her desk and she smiled sweetly, although rather sadly at me, and I nodded my embarrassed thanks, quickly looking down. Embarrassed by my lack of admirers in the wake of the multitude of apparent “love” that spread profusely around me.

And I fought back the tears of my own perceived failure.

How often throughout our lives do we relive this scene?

Of being unloved.

  • we desire attention
  • we strive for accolades
  • we need love

We were each born with a need to be loved unconditionally. To love passionately and know that no matter how we may fail, love will be there to pick us back up when we fall. But how often do we receive that? We make friends, date, marry, and engage in life activities with the ultimate goal of finding love – real love. The kind that would never fail to make us feel: joyful and secure. But before long, human nature seeps into the hearts of those who surround us. Then:

  • One foot in the mouth or a careless comment made, and our friends abandon us for more favorable waters.
  • A grave mistake in our marriage begins a rapid path of disintegration, and we are left alone to pick up the pieces.
  • A hateful word from a rebellious child cuts deep and wounds fatally, changing sometimes forever the dynamics of that relationship.


Life happens; it’s inevitable.

There is no doubt that throughout our lifetimes we will experience the fatal blow of love unrequited. A misplaced word or action can send us reeling. Human failure is inevitable and inescapable, leaving us feeling unworthy and alone. But there is good news!


  • His love is eternal

  • His love is unconditional

  • His love is unfailing

His is the love that will never fail us – no matter what. It is a love that you can count on, a love that will live on no matter what. And that is something to celebrate!

Do you know Him?

Send a valentine to your one true love: Give Him your heart.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Lisa Evola is a writer and sometimes poet, a teacher and sometimes student, but mostly a daughter of the most High God. You can read her devotions monthly at abeautifullifeinistry.org and receive encouragement for writing and journaling at lisaevola.com.

3 responses to “when love fails

  1. Wow! Your words touched the depths of my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day dearest girlfriend. If I were in that class you would get 100 cards from me, and even more from Jesus….. Because of who you are and your great love for Him and others.
    Hugs, Barb

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Barb! I’ve grown considerably since those valentines days of yon….but the need is still the same - to know that we are loved and cherished. And I am so thankful for the love of my Savior!!


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