On Any Given Sunday

On any given Sunday we can be hurt by those who call us friend, brother, sister.

On any given Sunday we are filled with regret, or resentment, with a putrefying sense of indifference.

On any given Sunday life can cease to make sense within our ability to perceive.

On any given Sunday hearts, fraught with tension reach out, searching for relief, and wisdom, and a worshipful mind.

On any given Sunday arms will be raised to receive – receive what is promised if we search: with all our heart, and soul and mind.

….and through the simple act of reaching out…HE will be found, and we will be renewed.

Church is not perfect.
People are not perfect.
Life is not perfect. 

A Pastor once told me that the church is like a hospital. The people within it are broken, sick gravely in need of help. That is why they are there - to get well. They will not always speak what is good, or encouraging, or loving. They will not always treat with kindness and grace. Their opinions will not always reflect the mind of Jesus.

But who is righteous? Only Jesus.

People are quick to find fault in others; I included.


But when those thoughts and opinions begin to drive wedges in the fundamental, sometimes we are left with a simple desire to walk away. Sometimes too much life has happened. And even if forgiveness has taken place, those experiences can blur the edges: cause vision problems.

A clear vision to what is right and holy and lovely and pure is ultimately the objective. Keeping your eyes and your sight focused on Jesus alone is all that matters. When you keep this in your mind always, life falls into place, and you will know your place in it.

On any given Sunday, hearts are renewed and the sun comes out, ensuring us all that God is ever faithful.

for reflection: have you been hurt by life? By people? by your church? This is not the way it is supposed to be. God desires wholeness. Look to Him and find it.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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