from wine to divine

I just hate to throw anything away.  Re-purposing has been a way for me to clean out all of the “stuff” that I have been collecting with the intention of being a good steward.  At some point you realize that the stuff has to go!  So here is a great idea for those wine corks that have collecting dust in a bowl on our shelf!

Tools & materials:

Old Wine Corks

Acrylic paint: assorted

Knife or small saw

5mm eye screws


Rubber stamps: assorted




  • Cut the wine corks into the desired width using a knife or a small saw. A bench vise comes in handing while cutting but if you don’t have a bench vise I suggest using piers or vise grips to hold the cork with. Be sure to be very careful and keep your fingers away from the blade and work on a protected surface.
  • Next sand and paint your cork slices.
  • Next use ink pad and stamps to decorate them.
  • Screw in your eye hook and voila you have your pendants.



  • These pendants can be used as earrings by simply putting a jump ring through to an earring stem. You can also use this same concept and make a matching bracelet and necklace.
  • Glass goblet pendants
  • Garden or Pot ornament by using a coat hanger or wire to make a hook to hang it from.

The possibilities are endless!

Have fun…it is never too early to start thinking of Christmas!

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