Notes from the road ~ start where you are!

Sweat leaked into the corner of my eyes and I shook my head ferociously to dispel the salty burning.  Peering ahead I calculated the distance remaining to - the corner of my street. Discouragement and defeat slowed my already sluggish pace, and I a began to wonder how I got to this place, when not two months ago I could have run a marathon…well maybe not a marathon – but certainly to the end of the street and around its circumference without too much trouble.

True, I was much more motivated and dedicated to my physical efforts then; spring and the promise of new, but since, life had taken over and I had taken the path of least resistance in favor of a smoother road. I find it amazing how quickly the progress once made, falls away and old habits ensue. With the threat of winter being upon me now, and the knowledge that soon hibernation would be my desire, I took to the streets to attempt to gain back what I had lost.

Pain. Agony. Breathlessness.


Will I even be able to make a difference before the first snow flies? It would be much simpler to shout uncle and give up until the spring – this would be the easy road for sure.

But is it the right road?

We all have had times of failure with follow through.  Things get in the way: arguably important things. But does that mean that we shouldn’t try again? We give excuses to others …. and ourselves, often simply because it is just too hard to start again. To begin from the beginning.

Ground zero.

But is giving up best? Sometimes giving up can set a precedent for behavior. Today it is just running, or exercising, or eating healthy – but tomorrow? Friendships, parenting, marriage. I know - it seems like an awfully large leap into what may or may not be. But it is that slippery slope that we all walk upon the edge of – teetering and peering into the abyss that lies beside our road, which begins to look like a much better option as the bottom creeps closer and closer to where we are standing. The leap looks easier than the path.

We all want easy

It would be nice if our children always did what we asked, if our husbands complimented us on everything we did, or if our friends agreed with every cockamamie idea that crossed our minds. But that would not be real life; nor would we learn anything from an experience of never being wrong. Humility would be all but lost, leading to self-righteousness and pride.

All this because I couldn’t run to the corner.

My suggestion?

Start where you are.

We all have to begin at the beginning – some more often than other (sighs). The Point is to begin. Take that step toward something worthy.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure,whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Philippians 4:8

Begin at the beginning if that is where you are, and God will meet you there.

Lord, give me the strength that I need to persevere in the things you consider worthy of praise and excellence. Guide my steps to continue along an honorable path, and help me to keep my eyes focused on you so that the abyss that walk beside is naught but a memory of what is no longer. 
In Jesus name –

Soli Dao Gloria!


Tags: agony, BEGIN, breathlessness, commendable, endurance, endure, excellence, focus, honorable, keep trying, lovel, notes from the road, pain, perseverance, praise worthy of praise, pure, Run the race, run to the corner, setting a precedent, stat where you are, the simpler way, think about these things. Philippians 4:8, times of failure, worthy

2 responses to “Notes from the road ~ start where you are!

    • Yes, I often rely on the encouragement of others.Sometimes it can be so difficult to keep on..keeping on! Encouraging words from a sister often is just what we need to keep us going.

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