Is Cleanliness Next to Godliness?

Order Chaos Showing Organized Or Unorganized Management

Piles of clutter mark every horizontal surface in my home it seems. This is not always true, but most days are evidenced by a losing battle of wills within my walls. A mountain is cleared, and soon another is spoken into existence; and my will has lost. I have a screaming desire for cleanliness and order, yet it evades me.

I think most families experience this battle at one point or another during their lives together, and I often wonder if the disorderliness of my life creates a separation between me and my perfect Creator.

Everything since the beginning of creation has been on a path of setting disorder into order. The world was created, and immediately God began to work at creating order; the earth divided from the sky, the waters were separated, and the land grew all things green. People came into being, our salvation was settled, and now it is simply a matter of wrapping it all up with a neat little bow…the perfect ending. Order and the ultimate plan, from something profoundly disordered.

Maybe this is how families are. Families are created, foundations are laid and patterns come into being. Maybe we are working from disordered beginnings for the ultimate goal of an ordered end. A process. I work toward that ultimate goal – daily it seems, sometimes without much success.

But in the end I know that success will be mine! My will be done….within my four walls anyway!!

Sometimes we just need a little help in the organizational abilities area.  I know I do.  My mother was very organized as was my childhood home, but I seemed to have missed that class when I was growing up, and instead I now struggle to form those bonds within myself and my family as well. But what is wrong with a little help, a little direction?

This October 18th in Romeo, MI… a beautiful life is hosting their first women’s conference. There are several workshops that approach this idea of an organized life; help for the unorganized.  Whether you struggle with utilizing fully the blessings you already have, or battle daily just to keep everything in its place, there is help available!  Below are the descriptions of those classes.

If you are interested in attending in October, download your registration form here:

you can print a form here:

. You can pay with a credit card from the form before you submit it by clicking on the paypal button, or simply send in a check with a notation of the registrants name. We would love to see you in the fall! You can also visit our conference page to see the rest of the workshops, descriptions, and instructors - visit that here

Daily Stewardship - Heidi Wilt

Being a faithful steward is something that is important to our Father. Mostly we relate this to the money that we tithe to our church. But how does this look when considered in connection with our daily life; the ins and outs of what we do every day? Explore this topic thoroughly in respect to what the bible tells us, and gather the know-how necessary to be a faithful steward in this world.


Organize your Life (Erin Lane)

We all know that life runs a bit smoother when we know where we placed the bills or the dog’s leash. But have you ever thought of using your organizational skills towards serving in God’s kingdom? When our days run smoother we are given the opportunity of time, often not a lot, but even a little can make a difference. The question is: what do we do with the time that we are given? The choices are endless, but what if we used that time to honor God?  Organizational helps will be taught to the skilled and unskilled alike to work on how to organize the kingdom for God.

Financial Peace basics for Teens and Adults (Erin Lane)

This class is based on the principles from Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University” - let’s talk about money. We will be looking at the key steps to managing money no matter what phase of life you are in. From a college budget to a well off corporate executive, we all have the same calling when it comes to managing money. It’s not our money, its God’s and He has entrusted it to us. When we have our finances in order, it gives us the ability to live the hospitable life that God has for us.




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