The miracle of sight

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Have you read about miracles in the bible and thought: How cool would it have been to be there, to actually see a miracle? Have you thought that if miracles happened like that today, more people would believe in the reality of God? I’ve thought it. But like many during those days: the miracles occurred and they still didn’t believe – or not for very long anyway. I believe they were insensitive to what was really happening.

As Christians grow in their faith and develop a closer relationship with God, their senses gradually become tuned in with their Creator; a sensitivity that reveals His very presence in their surroundings. This presence leaves a mark; evidence of His influence, His hand on their life. Do you see it?  Can you feel it – His presence? Developing sensitivity to God can profoundly change your relationship with Him and help you to grow into the person you were intended to be from the beginning- the person He made you to be.

Our world has desensitized us to the miracles that exist simply by explaining away everything as if it were no big deal; as if it were commonplace, giving scientific explanations for everything.  And while science does indeed reveal the mechanics of what is happening, it doesn’t even come close to explaining the why.

But God. God is the explanation of the unexplainable. This is how amazing He is. We need to step back and take a look at the world around us. Is it amazing to you? Can you appreciate creation as it was meant to be?  Treasured and cherished as evidence of the Creator? In the process of seeing the reality of His creation, you may just find God.

Within our 5 senses we can cultivate the fertile soil in our lives, in an effort to experience all that God is and the love He has for us. Enjoy the process; it truly is exciting to see his miracles, once you realize they have been there all the time.

Start slow.

Become accustomed to each individual sense before moving on to the next.  Bring them alive and embrace the beauty that is God in the world. Then – stand in awe.


Go on a creation hike. Look around you. See God’s handiwork. What evidence of naturally occurring beauty is within what you can focus on? Find something that amazes you, whether it is a flower, an insect or even a low flying cloud above. Look at it with new eyes. Watch it for a while.  Have you ever thought about what makes up that piece of nature? How it reacts to its surroundings? Why does it look the way it does? Does it serve a purpose?

  • How does that flower react to sunlight  as the day progresses?
  • What is the insect doing right now? Is he foraging for food, building a home, moving objects in its path? Many insects can lift many times their own weight – how is that possible?
  • Why do clouds seem so tangible, yet they are only wisps of air? What role do they play in our day to day weather?
  • How does all of nature work in tandem to allow the life on earth to live as it does?


Bring a camera to document all that you see. Get close to those miracles. Pick out certain aspects that amaze you and capture them on film. Chronicle your walk towards developing this sense fully. A camera is simply an extension of what the eye sees, a way of remembering what has captured our hearts. A way of seeing God.

Of course there are scientific explanations for all of these things, but that isn’t the point. The idea is to look at your surroundings with the eyes of a child and appreciate each movement simply for what it is – a miracle of creation. And evidence of the Creators hand.

Science is simply someone’s search to discover the why’s of miracles. How things happen and what causes it. But although science can tell you  very detailed information about nearly everything that we can see right down to its atomic nature, it still cannot explain where the atom came from or how the unlikely occurrence of their organized assembly happens over and over and over in nature. Order does not come from chaos without help.

Ponder that.

I once watched an ant scurry around picking up crumbs of food that it found on the ground and taking them back to its home. He would drop off his treasure and then scurry right back to pick up another.  Honestly it made me tired just watching him. For what seemed like hours I watched in wonder and amazement that the burden he carried did not crush him, for it was bigger than he was, and most certainly heavier. But neither did he quit nor did he slow his pace. He worked with the strength of many.

This is the miracle of our Creator.

When did we lose the wonder of life; of our surroundings and what their existence really means?  When did it become commonplace for a baby to be born or for a tiny seed to grow into something immense like an oak tree? I believe we assume the miracles of nature and life. And it is in the assumptions that our lives become complacent. We are not amazed by our surroundings any longer. Nothing intrigues us. We have a “been there, seen that” attitude, and through this insolence we have lost the wonder of the Creator.

What kind of value do you place on your days? Do you just expect certain things? The sun will rise. Nighttime will come. Today will be much the same as it was yesterday? Let me challenge you to see something different today; something that you would normally walk right by. Stop. Look. See its amazing nature. Ponder What God had in mind when He created it. Does it serve a purpose? Maybe God made it just so you would say “wow”!

Say wow

Increase your sensitivity to the things you see by considering them, instead of just assuming their existence.

Today, find something to say wow to. And then do it again tomorrow, and the next day….

Be intentional. Get in the habit of not taking the world around you for granted. Wonder at His creation. Develop your sight sensitivity and see the Art of God in the world around you.

Soli Deo Gloria!


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~Lisa Evola is a Christian blogger, writer, author and general encourager of faith. Her heart belongs to her Lord and Savior Jesus, and she wants the world to know!  Follow the daily walk of faith filled women as they go about life in response to the leading of the Holy Spirit @ We welcome your presence!


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