teaching an old DOG new tricks

Tired of the same old hot dogs?

Well here is a new trick for your old dog recipe.  Heidi’s family is really eating well this month! You could even vary your “stuffings” to suit your family’s taste.

Be Creative!

Jalapeno Bacon Dogs 
Uncured Beef Hot Dogs
Bacon, 1 per dog
Pickled Jalapeño slices, 3-4 per dog ( you can also use yellow banana peppers)
Super sharp cheddar cheese, 1/4 of a slice per dogSlice the Hot Dogs down the center to create a pocket to stuff the cheese and Jalapeño slices  .
Then wrap 1 slice of bacon around the dog in a spiral wrap to hold in the stuffing.
Cook on the grill as you normally would till done…. Yum!

Thank you Heidi for filling in this month while Maria is on vacation!  We love your fresh ideas!

Tags: Bacon, be creative, hot dogs, jalapenos, new tricks, stuffed hot dogs

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