an egg reborn

june Reborn

Are you that person who never wants to throw anything away? Do you look for ways to recycle everything – even food? Here is a quick and easy recycling project that takes only a few minutes, pacifies the need to save the planet, and helps your plants all at the same time.


Did you know that eggshells quickly decompose in the compost pile and add calcium and other important minerals to the soil that you add to?

Don’t have a compost pile? No Problem!  There are many other uses for this versatile protein.

If you are cooking with fresh eggs, make sure you wash the shells in warm soapy water and leave upside down on a papertowel to dry. When they are completely dried out, place them in a ziplock baggie and crush them into fine pebbles. They can be used then to sprinkle around the base of your plants to discourage cutworms, slugs and snails. I have also heard that the smell of eggs deters deer, so give that a try!

If you add some crushed up egg shell to your coffee filter in the morning, it will be less bitter: the coffee that is! Then the egg, coffee and filter can all go into the compost pile.

Another great use is to use the half shells (after they are washed but not crushed) for starting seeds in the spring. When the plants are ready to be put in the ground, just pop them in; the egg shell is biodegradable, so very earth friendly. Plus, imagine the money you will save!

These are just a few of the many uses for an eggshell. Be creative!  They are a wonderful canvas for the imagination! So no need to push them down into the garbage disposal – next time, give ‘em a wash!  The Earth will thank you for your efforts.

Soli Deo Gloria!



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