A Servant’s Heart

“Serve wholeheartedly as if you were serving the Lord, not people” Ephesians 6:7

How often do we cringe when asked to fill a need in the church? Do we accept the task grudgingly or grumble all the way home? How wholeheartedly do we really go about God’s work in our lives?

There are some who could honestly say that they live to serve and that it is a great honor to do their utmost for His people. But for as many as there is that cultivate a servants heart, there are just as many who don’t feel they have the time.

Or the funds.

Or the talent.

Or, unfortunately, the desire.

But I wonder if we are thinking about serving in the wrong way?

Serving – or hospitality – doesn’t have to be complicated

Simple Hospitality

It doesn’t have to be expensive

Simple Hospitality

It doesn’t need to take excessive amounts of time

Simple Hospitality

It just needs to be heartfelt

Having a servant’s heart simply means that you are making yourself available to those around you in whatever capacity is necessary to aid others in their daily lives. It could be as simple as:

Praying for them

Sending a note of thanks or a simple greeting

Being a listening ear

Inviting someone to share a meal with your family

Offering help to someone who is unable

Gathering with your friends to affect world change right from your living room

Ephesians 6:7 tells us that we should view those we serve as none other than God Himself. If Jesus were hungry, wouldn’t you feed Him? If He were in need of a place to stay, I’ll bet you would be the first to offer Him a room.

If we apply this thought to all of those around us, if everyone suddenly became Jesus to us, wouldn’t the world be just a little bit brighter? Let’s try to focus today on seeing the face of Jesus in those around us. Need some help in learning to serve others as if they were the Lord Himself?

Register for A Beautiful Life Women’s Conference!  (register here)

This year’s theme is Simple Hospitality and we will be offering many workshops about reaching out to those around you in simple ways.


Register before June 30th and you will be entered into a drawing for a basket full of goodies that will equip you to grow and serve those around you: your family, neighbors, community, and beyond!

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We look forward to meeting all of you in the fall!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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