Living in expectation

There you stood
on the edge of your feather,
Expecting to fly.

-Neil Young
“Expecting To Fly”

Do you wake up each morning, expecting that each day will amaze you? fulfill you? be the best day ever?  Do you stand on the edge of your feather, waiting to leap into the unknown with exuberant fervor? Or like many, are you defeated before you even take one step onto the floor.  Often the busyness of life has a way of beating us up, knocking us down, and killing any joy that could potentially fill the empty spaces in our lives.

 This is not how life was intended to be lived.

I know a girl who wakes up each morning in so much pain that it is literally 2 hours after taking her pain pills before she can stand. A situation like that would definitely start my day off wrong…and to do it every day? But she has an amazing spirit ~ a spirit of hope and determination. Hope: that maybe tomorrow will be just a little bit easier, and determination: that even if it isn’t, she is going to have the greatest day possible.

I’m sure that there are exceptions; those days when the pain is too much to bear. But the point is her expectation. She expects that each day will be the best that it can be, that regardless of what comes her way; she will face it and conquer. What a positive outlook on life!

If we could all simply know that whatever we face is an opportunity to be:


Wouldn’t our perspectives change in respect to the good things as well as the not-so-good? The good things will be better – more than we could have ever hoped for, and the bad….well, sometimes it is in those moments that God brings to mind others who are experiencing a more difficult situation, whose feathers are a bit more unsteady.  And it is then that what we are facing doesn’t seem quite so bad. The edge that we are standing on isn’t quite as treacherous as once thought. In fact the day looks bright and shining in the wake of what could be.

Perspective certainly changes everything:  the good, the bad, and the ugly. So why not try living with the expectation of the most excellent life, the greatest day possible? Start out with a prayer asking God to show you the good in your day, the exceptional, the beautiful. Ask Him to give you the courage to leap into life~ and you shall receive it. You might be surprised at what becomes evident when looking through God’s perspective; heck it could even change your whole outlook on life!

What could be better ~ You and God walking through your day in earnest anticipation of what comes next! Knowing that the next best thing is just around the corner, and then standing on the edge of that feather: and expecting to fly.

 Life is beautiful: it becomes evident in your vision of what could be.


Soli Deo Gloria



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