May Madness

This is the time of year that my heart starts to leap with anticipation for Spring and the planning of Summer’s gardens, of which include my Herb; Vegetable; Water and multiple Flower gardens. Browsing seed catalogs, outdoor living space photos and Spring/Summer clothing catalogs becomes an obsession for the new season after a long cold winter.

It is also a time when I realize how much I need to focus on my daily walk with Christ, for this aspect of my life needs more refreshing than my yard or wardrobe!

A great way to accomplish this is to search for a new book with Spiritual growth in mind. Recently I’ve read “Soul Detox”, by Craig Groeschel; “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson; and “Not A Fan.” by Kyle Idelman. All are worth the read and will bring you to new plateaus in your walk, guaranteed!

  • Keep a journal as you read to document the things God is speaking to you through your reading.
  • Give Him the “First Fruits” of your day, even if that means setting your alarm 30 min earlier.

About 20 years ago I made a decision and a promise to God to start my day with Him, never once have I regretted it and wished I’d slept longer! He changes my perspective BEFORE the world has a chance to. Each morning I ask Him to use me to reach someone for Him, to BE His hands and feet, to SEE others through His eyes, HEAR the heart of those around me as He does… He has honored that prayer EVERY day in the simplest and most astounding ways; I am beyond blessed to walk with Him!

May is a great month to prepare and focus on the coming new season; preparation for growth in your heart and soul as well as your garden…. Giving God the “First Fruits” will help you to better manage the madness of this time of year… Which also means you will better prioritize the planning of Spring/Summer.

God’s Abundant Blessings,
Heidi Wilt

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One response to “May Madness

  1. Good word, Heidi! Thanks for the reminder - it doesn’t bother you to say it again and it will save our lives, this spending time with our Lord Jesus!


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