dear vanessa ~ The Power of Prayer

may prayer

Dear Vanessa,

I see so much pain in this world.  Everywhere I look there is another incident or moment of tragedy.  Young people with disease, young people seeing that there is nothing left, and giving up.    It’s overwhelming.   I feel so helpless.

Dearest Amber,

I understand this; many of us feel this way.   We may not be able to do anything physical to help the situations, but one thing that is so very powerful is prayer.   Satan plans, he schemes, and wants us to believe the lies and give up.  God can overcome everything and has a plan.  Sometimes tragedy happens, but I believe that this is all part of His grander plan to overcome the bad and reveal the good.   Do you believe?  Step out in faith and lift up your prayers of protection, prayers for the weary, and prayers of gratitude.   He hears the smallest whisper.  THE POWER OF PRAYER is an amazing weapon prayer warrior!

There once was a girl who looked in the mirror and felt unloved, she put on a mask every day to hide who she really was or how she really felt.    She had parents that loved her very much but wanted to shelter them from the pain she was experiencing.   She had a heart that believed in rainbows and would pray that her dolls would come to life one day so she could have more friends.  Some evenings she would pray to a God that she was unsure if he heard her little voice in this big world.

He heard her, and had a plan.  He planned to show her how to forgive, let down the walls, let go of the pain.  He knew that her warm heart would be used for good.

This little girl was me.   Looking back on those years I always thought I would never want to go through them again, but now I see the bigger plan coming to fruition.   The ability to see the pain without someone speaking a word…..  The ablility to care and help others see beyond the current moment.

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11


We live in a broken world.
There is heartache and pain.
But there is always sunshine after the rain.
Every purpose has a place.
We may not see it at first.
Don’t lose heart.
And shine your vibrant light He has given you in the dark.
Concentrate on the moments that take your breath away.
Give gratitude for the day.
There is power in prayer.
Give the pain away.
He is there.
Waiting for you.
~Vanessa Chesters


Dear Lord God,

I lift up our worries to you.  We are broken people, but you have the power to relieve.   There is purpose in pain, and you are the sunshine after the rain.   I pray for protection of our minds, feed our minds with your voice and help us see the light.

 I pray for this in Jesus Name. Amen


May you be blessed beautiful lady!



What are you carrying today that is holding you back?  What do you need to lift up to Him?


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