Stop Striving

Last year a speaker from England visited our church. He shared story after story about people around the world who had been healed from a wide range of infirmities. After he spoke, he invited people to come up to the altar for prayer and healing.

I had been plagued with high blood pressure for over a year, which had prompted me to quit my high-pressure job a number of months earlier.  Combined with modifying my diet and losing weight through exercise, my blood pressure steadily improved to the point that I was on the lowest dosage possible. But because I was still plagued with side effects, my prayer was to go completely off medication.

I was also in a season of unrest, unsure as to what direction God was calling me at this particular time of my life. I wondered if this man would pray for me in that area.

I sat back and watched as congregation members filed past me, debating about whether I had the courage to go after what I sought. As the crowd started to thin, I stepped out of my seat and went forward.

The first thing the speaker asked me was, “What do you want??  I thought that was odd, until my husband reminded me that this was what Jesus said when people came forward for healing.

Overcoming my discomfort, I blurted out, “I have high blood pressure.? Then I said, with a catch in my voice as emotions surged forth, “I just don’t know what God wants for me at this time of my life.?

He looked at me deeply for a moment. Then he spoke out a scripture and said with authority:

 “Stop striving.?

Then he laid hands on me and prayed about my blood pressure issue. I thanked him and left.

I had mixed feelings about the encounter. I was grateful that he had prayed for my health issue, but I what I really wanted from God was an answer as to the direction for my life. Then these words the speaker said came back to mind:

“Stop striving.?

I wanted to prove to myself that I had enough belief that I was healed. So I went off my blood pressure medication.

But within four weeks time, my blood pressure had shot up again. I asked my doctor if I could go back on blood pressure medication. And I thought about what a failure I was.

Then these words came back to mind:

“Stop striving.?

Over the Christmas holidays and into the New Year, I concertedly took time to rest in the Lord.

And then ever so subtly, I started to understand that the key to the healing the Lord had for me was in this statement:

“Stop striving.?

I realized that He wasn’t going to give me an instant, pat answer about what He had in store for me.

But that, like a beautiful flower, it would unfold slowly, in His timing.

In February of this year, I went off my blood pressure medication for good.

And I no longer ask Him for that answer I was longing for. Because He already answered it:

“Stop striving.?


Reflection question: Where in your life do you need to stop striving? Will you hand this part of your life over to the Lord Jesus and entrust it to His care?

Sally Meadows is a national award-nominated singer/songwriter, freelance writer, and worship leader from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The title track of her debut CD Turn the Page was shortlisted in the category “song lyrics? for a 2013 “Word Award?, Canada’s most prestigious awards for those writing from a Christian perspective. She released her most recent CD Red & White in December 2013.
YouTube Channel:

Twitter: @SallyMeadows

One response to “Stop Striving

  1. Dear Sally,
    You are a blessing in my life at this time…I do believe there is always a reason why we connect with certain people. Your blog on “Stop Striving” can apply to me and I want to thank you for sharing it. One more reason why Searchlight has been more than a competition, as through this I have come to know you..Much blessings! And your music is beautiful and inspirational, I am ever glad to have crossed your path. Love, Rachel


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