Truth Comes

“The word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.” John1:14


Truth Comes

How elusive is truth

as elusive as a gentle breeze

brushing across your face

snippets in our thoughts are found

revealing secrets of life


But something within diminishes this truth

it is not fully known.

Our minds and experiences manipulate

and conclude with our own

version of truth-

But only God is truth.

We can rationalize away

thoughts and actions

but this doesn’t make it truth-

Only God is truth.

A case can be made to accept

what is or is to come

but this does not make it right

or true-

Only God is truth.

We can fill our lives with beliefs

and objects of affection

believing that this will complete

but it only competes.

In the end

only God can fill those places-

Only God is truth.

Our hopes and dreams drive us to search

for an ultimate meaning to life

to search for that which

will define who we are

but what we do means nothing-

Only God is truth.


can be elusive.

But when we search for it

with every fiber of who we are

and accept what is then revealed

only then

will we know for sure-

Only God is truth.

Soli Deo Gloria!


6 responses to “Truth Comes

  1. I love this poem! So thoughtful and captures our beliefs on truth so articulately. The form of the poem is beautiful too - it reminds me of the Psalms where an important line is repeated, eg “His love endures forever”.


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