Staying out of the ditches of life

Snow fell madly outside the windows; blowing and swirling as the wind beckoned. The below freezing temperatures created a glistening sheen on the road ahead, and the grooves of slush formed by earlier travelers stiffened.  A gust of wind and a twisting of wheels; like hands guiding the trajectory of my car toward the snow filled ditch that lie just beside the road. My heart leapt with the sudden realization that I would soon be looking face down into it, if something did not dissuade its course. A wash of thankfulness filled me as the snowy groove loosed its frozen grip on my tires and allowed them to return to their chosen path.

How like life is that wintery road; where circumstance can push us so easily into the ditches that lie beckoning beside our paths?  Ditches that seem never to loosen their grip. Holding us down in the chasm till powerlessly, we must wait for a savior.

Face down we plead for help, and when it arrives we are grateful for its presence. Thankful. Sometimes we incur scars in those ditches; wounds that seem to never heal.  But in time and with the care of our Savior, their marks heal and fade.

Often these ditches are of our own making. Wandering minds obscure our focus and worldly cares capture our hearts, redirecting our gaze from the safe path ahead and allowing life’s slush to suck us in.  Taking our eyes off of the Father and His plan for our life only brings heartache and tragedy. Often we don’t see the ruts right away. They are hidden from our sight as we concentrate on the things that have captured our attention. But soon enough we are looking up from the bottom of a snowy ditch, wondering what we did wrong.  Fortunately for us, it is in those ditches and with our shouts for a savior that the Lord shows up.

Jesus to the rescue.

And we are set back on our path, the one chosen by the Creator, to regain focus and renewed perseverance in fighting the frozen ruts of life. Hopefully with learned lessons borne of experience, and a replenished passion for His ways.

Have you been riding the ruts of life?  Do you know who to call when you find yourself face down in a ditch?  Alone? Why not discover the life saving hand of Jesus!


Tags: a hand up from the bottom, ditches of life, hidden dangers, , obsured focus, savior, slushy ruts, wandering hearts, wandering minds, worldly cares

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