march girls nite 2

“Practice Hospitality”
Romans 12:13b

Mission Field: Your Place!
Outreach:  5-15 girlfriends
Mission Statement: To gather, love and build community.

Practice hospitality – it’s virtually a commandment! The art of being hospitable has been  pursued with fervent desire by some of the most creative minds; fashioning the perfect house with impeccable design and abundant food to impress even the most critical Martha wannabe.

But this is not Christian hospitality; it’s social entertaining.  Here is how to tell the difference…

Entertaining -

  • Focuses on the host
  • The food must be well prepared and abundant
  • The host must be relaxed and good natured

Hospitality –

  • Focuses on the guest
  • Needs for nourishment or a place to stay
  • A listening ear for a troubled heart
  • Or just plain acceptance and love

Christian hospitality can occur in a home that is messy and with nothing more than macaroni and cheese as a main dish.  It is all about making the guest feel welcome. And loved. And special.  There are times when we can be a refreshing influence to a lost or hurting soul. A hand of friendship offered in their direction can be just the miracle that is needed in their life. Community and friendship is something that we all desire, so why don’t we reach out that hand? We use excuses of: no time, not enough money or we’re simply too tired from the busy weeks we’ve had.  But welcoming others into our homes doesn’t have to be difficult, and what a refreshing change it can be to an otherwise taxing week!

march girls nite 1

Plan a Girls Night In~

Create a welcome environment.  This can be as easy as lighting a candle or putting a vase of flowers in the center of your dining room table. Use items you already have or greenery from right outside your back door. Don’t fuss too much – simple is better!

Focus the conversations on things that will not exclude anyone within the group Topics that belong between one or two of the guests are better left for another time. The point is to make everyone feel that they are a part of the group.

Plan a game or two that your guests can participate in- just in case the conversations become awkward. There is nothing like a game of Pictionary to get people laughing. Or even a wii bowling tournament! Laughing is medicine to the soul.

After you share your food, consider sitting down and having a girl’s bible study.  Sharing God’s love brings friendships into a deeper place. Sharing, whether it is our food, our thoughts or God’s presence, forms deep bonds that you will come to treasure.

Allow your guest to see your house a little messy. Perfection can be sometimes daunting to others. Women tend to measure their own lives by what they see in others. Let them know that it is okay to be imperfect; to be human. You will gain great respect and also encourage them to step out in faith to host their own gathering!

Consider inviting someone new at church to your gathering. Welcoming newcomers helps to build community and godly relationships. Varying your guest list from time to time is a good practice too. Clicks are no fun! If you have ever been the one left on the outside, you understand what I mean.

Encourage others to host a gathering. Being a host of a get together can be a real blessing. Not only are you inviting others into your home, but also into your heart and into your life. Inviting others to share in this blessing is a blessing in itself. Ask someone in the group if they would be willing to have the next get-together. Maybe someone has a hot tub – yea!

Hospitality doesn’t have to be a chore; or even complicated. Open up a can of soup, light a candle or two and break bread with some friends ~ this is what fond memories are made of!

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