the blessing of a friend

If one falls down, his friends can help him up, but pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!Ecclesiastes 4:10


     I love the season of life I am in right now. I have been an Empty Nester for almost ten years now, so I feel I should be beyond referring to it in those terms. I am not a grandmother yet, but am anxiously awaiting that stage. So, exactly where am I in life?  I like it, but not sure what to call it.

When my sons were young, life was fast and furious. I worked outside of the home, yet still managed to be involved with their activities. However, I had little time for anything else. Close friendships with other women just never developed. If I didn’t know “her” through sports or a school activity, the relationship wasn’t ever going to happen.

It wasn’t until I moved to Lake Travis in Austin, Texas, and my youngest was in college that I learned how special “girlfriends” could be. Without kiddos to open the door to a social outlet, I was forced to venture out and make friends, all on my own.

I started at my church. Through Bible studies, I met the most incredible women and formed some godly, transparent relationships. Through small groups, the women with whom I was sharing life became role models and sources of inspiration and wisdom. For the first time since my high school days, I found out just how special girlfriends could be.

One day I was particularly distraught about my sons. I wanted nothing more than for my boys to walk with Jesus—for Him to be their Lord and Savior. They used to be seekers and followers, but not during this time of their life. I understood where they were because, unfortunately, I walked that same path when I was their age. That’s why I was so concerned. I didn’t want them to make the mistakes I did and live in years of darkness and despair. I want my sons to have the joy of Jesus now. My friend Teresa sensed my feelings of helplessness and reached out. She gave me a book to read, The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children, by Stormie Omartian.

Teresa realized I was down and needed encouragement. She had read the book and knew it would be helpful. It turns out, it was exactly what I needed! My dear Father used Teresa to give me just the right tool to guide me through my difficult time. Omartian’s words of wisdom gave me hope and a plan of action through more meaningful prayers.

If Teresa hadn’t been a friend with whom I had shared the intimate details of my concerns, would she have been so bold as to give me the book to read; the book that pulled me out of despair? Would she have dared to speak such truths and share her own journey through a similar situation? Our friends can be a great source of prayer and inspiration, not to mention a comfy shoulder to wipe the mascara from our eyes. They are there whenever we need them, whenever we need godly advice. And thank God for them.


Dear Father, thank You for this season of life. Thank You for the time to form relationships with godly women. Thank You for the women You have placed in my path here in Austin. What a special gift, that You provided a sweet friend to pick me up when I was down. I look forward with anticipation every day at what You have in store for me in this season. Amen!


Are you willing to do the same for a friend? Do you have a friend who always goes the extra mile?  We would love to celebrate her/him with you.  Consider leaving a comment!


Are you willing to do the same for a friend? Do you have a friend who always goes the extra mile?  We would love to celebrate her with you.  Consider leaving a comment!

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