Flight of Freedom

Flight of Freedom

by: Lisa Evola

A brand new day with new opportunity
That I may love and love well
Is my fervent desire
The birds soar closer
Much closer to you than I
They have no thought for today
Or for the cares it brings
Oh, to have that carefree spirit within me
To experience a free that I can only dream about
They flutter and soar;
Gliding ever closer heavenward
But in this place, here; now
I feel peace
The water is still like glass
Wave less and serene
Still and peaceful, like me
Nothing stirs but the birds;
The wind but a wisp against my face
The light grows
Illuminating the sky
A splash of orange on the horizon
A sailors warning
But here and now
Life is beautiful

2 responses to “Flight of Freedom

    • I try never to worry! When I have the inkling, I just send it soaring to Him! I wrote this watching the sunrise on the deck in Caseville, MI. What a beautiful retreat that was! Thank you!


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