An outreach in motion!

Good Morning! 

Instead of our regular post today I thought it would be nice to share an update of last Mondays outreach.  This is the first entry in the “sisterhood of the traveling pan” that I sent out among my friends. I made the chocolate cobbler recipe from last week and decided to bless my friends Dave and Linda. 

Linda and Dave are two of the most giving people that I know, always giving of themselves and sacrificing for the benefit of others.  Their hearts just ooze love for their fellow man, and I thought they would be the perfect 1st recipients of this outreach.  Here is a picture of Linda receiving the dessert I prepared for them:

She just loved the idea of passing around the dish to bless people that we know.  I look forward to someday receiving it in return and reading all of the entries from the recipients. If you would like to read the original post for “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pan”, just click on this link and read all about this awesome outreach and then consider starting a traveling pan of your own!…-traveling-pan/ ‎

and if you would like to see the recipe for the chocolate cobbler (so amazing!) check it out here:…colate-cobbler/  it actually tastes better than it looks!  I received a call from Dave the next morning thanking me for this amazing dessert.  Truly it is very yummy - and easy!

So set a pan in motion.  Start it among your friends…or even just with someone at church.  What a great way to get to know them! Consider leaving a comment.  Let us know if you have done this or are planning to in the near future!  Or maybe someone gave you a pan! We would love to hear all about the blessings of your outreach!

Be blessed with the love of family and friends and don’t forget to show them how much you appreciate them! 

  • Invite them for dinner
  • Make them a meal
  • Take them for coffee
  • Give them a hug
  • Tell them you love them

Love can change the world…one hug at a time!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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