Simple Decorations -DIY

Preparation is everything in a busy world!

 I love to take something I am using and Re-use it in a different way. Let me explain what I am talking about…..

prep2 For instance this is a picture of my table centerpiece for Thanksgiving. I found this vase at a garage sale for $3.00 and fell in love with. Then I purchased these greens to put in the vase from Michaels when they were on sale. I love a good bargain…I am sure you do too!

To make it look more like a Christmas centerpiece I added in a couple prep2of glittery branches and a deer next to it. I have not changed my Table clot over yet but I have a beautiful gold one that I will put out just the day before guest arrive. You can have decorations that look like a million bucks for very little if you do yourself and re-use items you already have in your home. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Another quick and easy craft to make is wreaths. This year I needed to replace the two that I use on my front porch. Big sales are going on right now with crafting and decoration. I made two wreaths for $7.50. I decided to go with some of the new brighter colors. They have a really beautiful bright lime green out along with pink if your into that. I decided to use the bright reds and bright greens along with silver to give my wreaths a bit of a retro look.

Things you will need:

24 In everygreen ring              1-1/2” wide ribbon (25 ft roll)            Different size bulbs

Glue, preferable Goop                        Pipe cleaners     

In this picture you will see two different size ribbons and a roll of the mesh. I am planning on decorating my porch with it too!prep3


Begin with laying out your wreath. I chose to use the tradition bow. If you don’t know how to make a bow I will have instructions at the bottom of this article.

I also made a few ribbon fillers. I took my ribbon and folded it over on itself 3 times, cut it from the spool and wrapped a pipe cleaner at the base so I could easily stick it in my wreath.prep4


Begin by attaching your main bow to the wreath with the pipe cleaner and tuck in your legs of your ribbon then place out your bulbs. It is best if you place them in 3’s around the wreath. Then tuck in your little ribbon fillers to adorn your wreath even more.

prep5I used goop to glue the small bulbs in place and tied the larger white ones on using pipe cleaners. The Amazing Goop glue is really amazing. I have used it to fix shoes. I have used it to glue glass and wood together. I can’t even list the amount of things I have used it on and have not had any failures!

I have finally converted my dad (a bit old fashioned on the glues) over to using this glue for just about everything. It is the best house hold glue ever!

 Merry Christmas to Everyone! Don’t forget the reason for the Season!

Our Savior, friends and family. All blessings!

Mischele Makhlouf


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