Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.—Galatians 6:9

     The ladies in my Bible study are such a source of encouragement. They know my joys and concerns. Sounding like a broken record, repeatedly asking the mighty prayer warriors to lift up my wayward children, they never tire of my requests.

     Last year, several weeks before Christmas, Debbie sent me a link to a book she had purchased as gifts for her own adult children, thinking I too might be interested for my sons. It was Rick Warren’s newly expanded edition of his highly acclaimed The Purpose Driven Life.

    After meeting a friend at Starbucks inside the local Barnes & Noble, I browsed around and quickly found it piled high on a table. Before picking up copies to give my boys, I caught a glimpse of a very unusual picture on the cover of another best-selling author’s book.

     Are you familiar with Nick Vujicic? Along with being an author, he is an incredible motivational speaker. There are many exceptional speakers in this world, but none like Nick. When listening and watching his presentations, it is extremely difficult to dwell upon your own problems as he addresses overcoming adversity and trials. It is almost impossible not to be inspired by this man’s ability to enjoy an abundant, joy-filled life.

     Your see Nick was born without arms or legs. But God gave him all he needs to live—a mind to think clearly and a torso to hold his loving heart. The picture on the cover of Vujicic’s Unstoppable shows him riding a surfboard—an unusual image that prompted me to immediately snatch it up. I had viewed some of his talks on YouTube and knew of his ability to captivate an audience. Now I was anxious to read how God would use him through words on a page.

     Excitedly, I read the back cover. Hmm, this sounds like something my boys might find inspiring. Both had different issues in their life at that moment, but how could they not focus less on their own circumstances after reading this young man’s journey, with God by his side?

     Folks were sitting all over the place in big comfy chairs reading, so I decided to do the same and “randomly” opened the book to pages 56 and 57. I couldn’t believe the timeliness of what I read. Those two pages were devoted to romantic relationships gone wrong and the hope found through God to survive the heartbreak.

     It was so timely because my unmarried son was experiencing a devastating “break” in a relationship with his girlfriend of several years. However, my main concern was the break he had taken from Jesus.

     Please understand that I was also distraught about the possibility of losing her. However, I wondered how he would endure the heartache, without depending on the loving arms of Jesus to hold him up? It was more important for my son to have Jesus in his life than anyone or anything else. Nick provided insight to likely purposes God has for relationship woes. The words on those two pages were exactly what my son needed to hear—words spoken by someone other than his mom. And I “randomly” opened the book to those two pages?

     I didn’t wait for Christmas to give him the book. Also, during this “break” from the girl we had some of the best God conversations in many years. Would this be the time he asked Jesus back into his life? If not, God certainly helped me plant a harvest of seeds. Oh, the good that can come out of the trials in life!

     There are many instances when this mom is at a loss on how to communicate the love of Jesus to her adult children (who have walked away from Him) as they struggle through their difficulties—whether it’s a broken relationship, unemployment, poor decisions, financial crisis or loneliness. But with the perfect Parent in the picture, I know where to go for help. God the Father will lead the way.

     There’s no doubt in my mind Who led me to Unstoppable and specifically to pages 56 and 57. There is nothing random about His perfect plan. It is the Journey of discovering Him in our lives that is so precious and life-giving.

In His Love!


About Brenda Gerland

I am blessed to not only live in Texas, but to live on beautiful Lake Travis outside of Austin. I am divorced, and have remarried a wonderful man, Austin Bauer. My two sons are grown and so are Austin's two children so we are empty nesters. I "retired" several years ago and have been having the time of my life spending time in God's presence, savoring this precious season of my life.

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