Nourishment for the Journey


“In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman World. And everyone went to their own town to register.” Luke 2:1-3

Have you ever been derailed?

Did stumbling blocks seemingly appear out of no-where, causing you to step off the path?

Had you considered their appearance a sign that maybe you were barking up the wrong tree, that you were not actually called to do what you thought you were called to do?

I’ve been there – overthinking everything.

Last week we talked about believing what God has promised, believing in His call for your life. But no one said it was going to be easy. Could God spread His hands over you and accomplish exactly what He has asked of you – of course. But He desires more than to just simply have something be done. He wants us to grow and develop characteristics that He considers valuable.

We left Mary as she believed God would accomplish what He promised. Now, as she is in her 8th month of pregnancy, her husband (God love him) comes to tell her that they have to take a journey….now.  A JOURNEY!  A long journey.  A tiring journey.  but….A necessary journey.

Having been 8 months pregnant myself (a few times) I imagine that she did not look kindly on her poor husband that day. Oh yes, Mary was virtuous and submissive, but let’s be real – Mary was a woman. And a hugely pregnant one at that! I know that I would not be happy. at. All! With Mary’s servant heart I doubt she grumbled, but we all know she thought it!!

I imagine that she feared for what could happen along the way, how they would carry all that was necessary for such a long trip, and feared mostly for how she would manage to give birth to her child without her mother or a midwife by her side if the time came for her child to arrive. But in the end, she believed that God would be true to His promises and accomplish what He said. The Father would protect His child, and the traveling parents.

Imagine – God protects what is His.

So, fear and all, Mary traveled many miles without knowing what was on the road ahead or what they would encounter along the way. She trusted God to strengthen her, come what may.

Author L. B. Cowman wrote this: Faith does not concern itself with the entire journey. One step is enough.

I’m so inspired by this.  I personally try to micromanage everything in my life, to know exactly what is going to happen along the way so that I can attempt to control it. But when we trust God to work out the details, the first step is all we need, and sometimes all we will get.

Has God sent you on a journey that you are unsure of?

Are you concerned about the ultimate destination?

Don’t try to see too far ahead – remember: He’s got your back, and He will nourish you along the way!  Your Father sees all, and if the journey wasn’t going to lead to growth and prosperity for your life (at least spiritually), He wouldn’t be sending you. Be encouraged beloved. He loves you. You are His! He will protect and guide you. 

Enjoy the journey

Soli Deo Gloria!

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