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When an imitation of the real thing is great!

When an imitation of the real thing is great!

There is no lack of things to do today; every day.

Work. Play. Kids. Friends. Responsibilities. Desires. They all compete for a place in our hearts and in our lives. Every day is a new day to choose what is good and what is worthy.

What will I do today?

How will I act?

Who will I affect with kindness…or lack thereof?


This is the very question that we should be asking God each and every morning. What? What would you have me do? How should I spend the time that I have been given?  For each day is a gift. A gift from the Creator. And we are called to become creators.

“Be Imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love.”

Ephesians 5:1,2

Love. This is what is asked of us. No – commanded of us. Jesus said that this is the second greatest commandment. To “love others as we love ourselves”, but above all to “love God with all of our heart, and all of our mind, and all of our soul.”

We love God also when we love others, for in this way we are “imitators of God”, loving those that He loves. “For God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son.” John 14


worldThe world. He loves the world.  The whole world. The believers, the unbelievers, the broken, and the sinners. He loves them ALL! Every last one.


Not just the one who listens to Him.

Not just the one who is kind to others.

Not just the one who does good things in life.

All of them.

So, if our command is to be imitators of God, it stands to reason that we should be spending our time here loving those who God loves. Not always easy I will admit – but necessary.

My question to you today is:

 How are you going to love - today?

Who can you show God’s love to? His kindness and mercy?

Reach out and love someone with

  • A kind word
  • A helping hand
  • An unexpected gift
  • Or simply a smile

You never know when a simple act, seemingly small and ordinary, can change a person’s perspective or even their life. Some have become so accustomed to life beating them down that they don’t expect to see hope or love as they journey through their time here. It is our job as imitators of God to show them hope, kindness, mercy and love. Even to the hard to love.

What can you do today to show someone love?

I would love to hear your ideas. Let’s get the conversation started!  Consider leaving a comment!

Be blessed in all you do today, and above all – show love!

Soli Deo Gloria!