a new dayEvery morning when we wake up, we have a fresh opportunity to do something new.

To make change happen.

To right a wrong; whether it is in our hearts or a relationship close to us.

Today is a NEW DAY!

What can you do to cause change in your realm of influence today? Here are some ideas:

  1. Invite a friend that you haven’t seen for ages to lunch or for coffee
  2. Volunteer for an outreach project at your church or in your community
  3. Send a card to someone who is sick, sad, or just plain needs encouragement
  4. Sit quietly with someone you love and enjoy what God has placed before you. Shut out the constant onslaught of life and just simply be together. Watch the sunset or birds go about their business. The idea is to just be together.  It can totally change your relationship!

These are just a few ideas of simple changes that you can make in your day, and possibly someone else s. Be resolved to change….today…..tomorrow….and everyday that you are given on this earth!  Have a beautiful life ~ today!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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