a week in a beautiful life - weekend wrap-up

Here’s what you missed this week at a beautiful life…


may fireFire!! -lisa evola

Billows of smoke rose from the pan that used to contain our dinner…well it still did really.  It simply wasn’t edible any longer. The charred remains made me sigh deeply. As I opened windows and doors… {read more}


the urban womanEpisode 1 of the Urban Woman -heidi wilt

Our very own Heidi Wilt, aka “The Urban Woman”, wrote a post on May 4th about purpose and God’s timing. Her internet show, The Urban Woman premieres today on Mitt tv… {read more}



Blossoming jasmine bush at sunriseLearning to Lean -glynda kinsland johnson

I’ve walked miles of yesterdays. Yesterdays shaped by dreams and propelled by determination. Yesterdays clouded with despair that eventually blurred my vision. Yesterdays that often ended in confused defeat.  My struggle travels on. {read more}

IMG_4074When the tenacious life-sucking untruth root gets exposed -christie thomas

My garden didn’t produce well last year. The tomatoes were spindly, the beans took their own sweet time to get growing, and the squash had a very poor showing. I chalked it up to a lack of nutrients in the soil, and added a load of compost in the fall… {read more}



abl headerDaydream Believer -claudia royal

Do you like to plan for the future; big plans?  Plans that some would consider daydreams? {read more}


abl headerMirror, Mirror of the World, you have it all wrong -shelly richardson

I sit at my desk, hands poised over the keyboard, the cursor flashes a perfect cadence as I stare blankly. I shift my gaze to the world just beyond the window —outside, the gentle breeze rustles through the trees and the sunlight dances with their sway, shadows sprawl across the lawn, treetops shine brightly against blue sky, and my soul is shattered. {read more}

Mother’s Day Printable -lisa evola

Today we celebrate the women who have so greatly impacted our lives.

I dare say that our time with them has made us, in large part, who we are today.Their choices may not have always been perfect, but you can bet that every single one of them was made in love. {read more}

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