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Here is what posted this week:

Scripture Printable

Do you believe that you will receive what you pray for?

Jesus tells us that if we pray for something and believe that we have received it, those prayers will succeed. …..{read more}


img_0106-2little choices, big results

I was feeling out of of sorts. It was Saturday, and I was home with the kids while my husband was away working. They were asking what we were going to do that day, and I didn’t have an answer. …{read more}



hand-crafted wedding decor

Our new neighbors just moved in, in the fall, they are much younger than my hubby and I , yet they seem to enjoy us and we have quickly come to love them like family! …{read more}


Two Lists

I had spent much of my life looking for “My One Big Thing I Am Supposed To Do”.  I took inventories and prayed and made list after list of my talents and abilities. …{read more}


IMG_2755Cleaning out the clutter

As the Christmas decorations went back into the storage closet, I made my annual pledge. Yep, this mess will get cleaned up before next December. But when I shut the door, that thought must have found it’s way to one of the shelves because…. {read more}


bear-grass-stump_GJYjHLOdAuthentic Mothering

The mother bear lumbers across my backyard around 7:00 pm.  She and her three chubby cubs begin to make a dinner of the pears they find below the garden.  I can’t resist watching from the window of the screened-in porch.  The cubs romp through the garden, chasing each other like a small litter of puppies. Mother bear repeatedly shakes the tree and pears shower down. {…read more}

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