Taking My Own Advice

Watch out for those teens

they can really age you!!! 

(Get it?  TEEN…AGER!)

Okay, I’ll not sign up for open mike at the local comedy club!  But my sister is visiting with her two beautiful children and although she and I have only six years between us in age, our oldest children are eighteen years apart.  Spending time with her 17 year old and 15 year old is jolting to my routine and a wonderful reminder of life with teenagers.

Her kids are smart and funny, talented and kind.  Being teens, they are also passionate, convicted, dramatic, and sometimes convinced that the adults in their lives are clueless when it comes to their needs and desires.  That is normal, but for the parent (and the aunt and uncle), the conversations can be challenging and tiring!

As my husband and I talked with my niece about her thoughts toward the future, I was struck by the resolve she held that her dream of becoming a professional ballerina WOULD become her reality.  My niece lives and breathes dance.  She is gifted and feels that she is called to be a dancer. Hopefully, if it is God’s will , she will be successful.

But when you are 45 years on the other side of a 15 year old’s early attempts to spread her wings, it is hard to hold your tongue and not give advice.  Because we are not her parents, we do try to just listen.  In one late night conversation, however, I did find myself saying that life is about remaining open to what is offered as you prepare to pursue your passion while still being receptive and responsive to the surprises that may come your way. 


How deeply am I living that conviction?  Would God say that I am open to His leading? Do I accept the blessings that He has in mind when He throws surprises on my life’s path? I’m afraid that my first instinct has often been to walk (or run) from the new and the unsettled when I sense my paradigm shifting. Do I dig in my heels and cling for dear life to routines and habits, or do I release my grip and let the winds of God’s grace lift me higher so that I might experience things never dreamed of.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

(Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)

Dear Lord,  May we carry forth, as mature Christians, with the wisdom and grace that our decades have granted us. I pray that we will remain open, as new babes, to the undiscovered nuances You have yet to reveal.  Remind us daily that Your purpose fuels our passions and propels us through life. Keep our minds fresh, our bodies agile, and our hearts willing to serve. May we remain ever thankful for everything that comes from You, Lord God, who created us because You loved us.



2 responses to “Taking My Own Advice

  1. Hmmmm….I seem to be having those same conversations these days. I always feel like such a killjoy….but o to live with that assurance of the future. The years and experience have certainly broken me of much of that, but if nothing else, knowing that my future coincides with Jesus is reassuring and comforting…. I’m looking forward to the little surprise that He will have for me along the way. And hopefully I will be open to them! Thank you Glynda for reminding us to be watchful for those little God things!


  2. Glenda I know you are likely the favorite auntie ! Wonderful post ! I am scared of the teen years …


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