Celebrating with a Ladies Christmas Brunch

What activities do you look forward to during the Christmas season?

One thing I always enjoy is our church’s annual Ladies’ Christmas Brunch. To keep the event free, each lady is to bring a super yummy dish to share.

Last year, our women’s ministry leadership team decided to do something different. We invited ladies to become a table host. This task involved decorating a table and personally inviting your friends to join you for a grand celebration of food and friends along with Christmas music and an inspiring message.

Well, I have to tell you. It was a huge success… for women love beautiful things. Take a look at the gorgeous table settings and the lovely ladies who enjoyed them. Some women actually carted their china and crystal stemware to this event.

Now maybe you are thinking… My church doesn’t have such a celebration? Or I could never do that? But maybe you and your friends could start a new tradition? You could make a suggestion to your women’s ministry leadership team. Or you could just use your own home, and ask everyone to bring something.

In fact, I have to tell you a secret. Even though I was super busy last December (like every other American gal on the planet), I actually decorated a table. Ladies, if you know me, you know that decorating isn’t my thing. I like beautiful things, but I really don’t like the work involved. 

However, look at what I did with a plain Christmas wreath, candles, fancy paper plates and cups, and plastic silverware!

I couldn’t believe how easy it was.  Without much effort, I was able to impress my friends using my paper plate mentality. In lieu of precious glassware, someone even donated a few crystals to further adorn our table. And we planned a Kris Kringle ornament exchange for more excitement. It was an awesome time.

This year, our small group will be doing a table for our Christmas Brunch, and everyone is pitching in to decorate it. While some gals were not assigned to bring any specific table accessories or decor, we are still requiring that they bring something. It’s the most important thing to bring too…

We have told them they are responsible to bring the J.O.Y.

Now it won’t be a contest on whose table is best, but it sure will be fun. And even more enjoyable with girlfriends!

Barb’s Table with her Besties

So how will  you celebrate Christmas with your special friends this year?  And who is assigned to bring the  J.O.Y. ???  

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